The Dan Hinkley Collection at Garden Spot

This week we brought in some exciting new plants from Monrovia’s Dan Hinkley collection. These are plants selected by renowned plant explorer Dan Hinkley for their unique qualities as well as their hardiness.

Holboellia coriacea ‘Cathedral Gem’

A stunning evergreen vine that is also quite tough. Thick clusters of whitish buds early in the season open to fragrant mauve blooms in early spring. Later on, lavender pink sausage-like fruits appear in the summer. This amazing vine has year-round interest and can grow up to twenty-five feet in length.


Leucosceptrum japonicum ‘Golden Angel’

Also known as Japanese Shrub Mint, this little plant’s dramatic golden foliage makes a real impact in your garden. It’s quite a hardy perennial and will put out pretty yellow spikes in the autumn when other plants are winding down.


Azara microphylla Box-leaf Azara

This shade tolerant gem is the perfect answer to a quick fix for screening in your yard or on your patio. This columnar shrub can grow eighteen to twenty-five feet tall in ten years, and twelve feet wide. Fast-growing and evergreen, its glossy foliage is enhanced by lovely white blooms in the winter. And did we mention they were fragrant?


A very special thanks toMonrovia for the use of their beautiful photos. We have stunning specimens of all three of these plants in our nursery, hot off the truck from Monrovia. Ask us about them when you are in the nursery next time!


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