‘Garden Spots’ : Ginger’s Pleasant Patio

This week we’re feeling the sunshine. After the rainy skies last weekend, it’s nice to be back to summer weather.

We’re also pleased to be sharing a new feature, “Garden Spots”. Today we are chatting with our fellow employee, the charming and talented Ginger, about her patio. A relaxing space where she tells us, “we roast up our dogs”, Johsonville brauts that is.

Ginger's Patio

Seven years ago, all that was here was a few pallet boards, some gravel and a couple cords of wood. We asked her what gave her the inspiration for this area. It all started with a gift from her friend Karen, Ginger explained, a glazed tile with an iris.

From there, she layed the patio around that tile, and the plantings of heathers, rhodys, maples and conifers evolved over time little by little. One of her favorite features are the steps planted with fragrant corsican mint.

I see something, I love it, I buy it, I take it home“.

A sound design philosophy, as this lovely space proves. Thanks Ginger for sharing your patio garden with us!




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