‘Garden Spots’: Anna’s Edible Oasis

Take one look at Garden Spot employee Anna’s garden and you’ll see an exuberant mix of edibles and ornamentals that catch the eye.

Anna Monarda

Anna StoveAnna and her husband Joe moved into their Happy Valley home thirty years ago. They’ve put in a large vegetable garden, as well as perennial beds and a patio. Last week we got the chance to chat a bit with Anna about her outdoor space and her gardening life.

Anna Patio

“I eat from my garden from early spring to first frost. We grow early kale and brussel sprouts. We also get a huge basil crop every year that we make into pesto and freeze.”

Anna Nasturtiums

A devoted gardener since her early-twenties, Anna tells us that her friends have been her biggest influence. When she lived in Aspen, Colorado as a young woman she helped a friend put a vegetable garden in. There, she told us, the growing season lasts about a month. “I learned a lot from those people because they were really good gardeners, because they had to be!”

Anna Squash

We asked Anna where she sources the beautiful plants in her garden (besides, of course, those treasures from work). When she was first starting out, rummage sales! “You know those little old ladies at the church rummage sales, they set up tables with pots of amazing plants,” she says,  “you should check it out, it’s really worth it.” Also, in her neighborhood, there’s a garden exchange among the friends and she acquired a lot of plants that way.

Anna Marigolds

“But what,” we asked her, “do you really love about gardening?”

“I love being able to go outside and pick lettuce. Being able to pick the vegetables you’re going to have for dinner, that’s pretty great.”


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