Rain Showers, Roses and “Photo of the Week” on Facebook

Hello friends! Wasn’t the rain yesterday lovely? We were very happy to be inside cleaning plants, repairing tools and other indoor garden tasks. We knew our gardens were enjoying the brief rainy spell immensely. How does your garden look today?

This week our “Photo of the Week” contest continues on Facebook. And what a week it was! We had some beautiful photos and gardens posted to our Facebook page. It was very tough to pick!

Want to join the fun next week? Here’s how it works: You post photos of your garden, projects and containers to our Facebook page. Every week we will choose a winner who will receive a gift planter.

It’s that simple!

So if you didn’t post anything this week or even if you did, be sure to get your photos posted for next week’s contest. Here’s the winning photo this week:

Becky Brownlie


Becky Brownlie’s relaxing space really enchanted our staff. The gorgeous perennials, grasses and shrubs in a stunning mix of textures and colors caught our eye. And who could resist that butter-yellow rose in the foreground? We’d like to kick back in that chair one summer afternoon ourselves!

Thanks to everyone for sharing their fabulous garden pics, and keep ’em coming!

You could win next week, just post your fun gardening photos to our Facebook page


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