Panning for Gold: Worm Bins 101 Class this Saturday

chopped-foodworm binHave you ever thought about making compost at home? Maybe even building a worm bin?

If you’re interested in starting a worm bin but aren’t sure where to begin, Elsie Konzelman of Nature’s Footprint will be at our store this Saturday, Sept. 21st to teach you the basics. (Get more info here.) The class is free, and all attendees will receive a coupon for 25% off our worm bins.

We talked with Elsie recently and she gave us the lowdown on worms and compost and why people start worm bins to begin with.


First of all, why worms?

Why not worms? Also known as “black gold“, worm compost is the best, richest organic soil amendment that you can generate for your garden. It is packed with nutrients, ten times that of regular compost.worm bin 1

Not to mention the fact that you can reduce your household waste by up to 30% by using a worm composter. Also, a worm bin is much more compact and convenient than a traditional compost pile.

Ah convenience, we like that! What kind of worms should we use? Can we dig up some earthworms from our backyard?

You can, but they won’t help you much. You want composting worms, such as red wigglers. They eat decomposing matter versus earthworms who feed on subsoil. Red wigglers will turn your kitchen scraps into compost quite rapidly.

Now we come to the “banana” question. We’ve heard that bananas are “bad” for worms but we’ve also heard that worms love bananas….. where do you stand on this very important question?

foodWell, let’s start with the fact that worms will eat just about any organic matter. And they do enjoy bananas, in fact they devour them!

One thing you don’t want to load up on in your worm bin are citrus fruits like lemons, limes or oranges. The worms don’t like the acidity of the fruit, and they’ll wait for them to break down before eating them, which will slow down the overall process of composting.

Thank Elsie!


To read more about worms and worm bins, check out the Nature’s Footprint site here.

To register for our free class this Saturday just call the store 360-676-5480, drop by or register online. It’s that simple!


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