How to Braid Garlic with Marcy

Happy Wednesday Garden Friends!

For those of you who had a large garlic harvest this year, today we’re going to demonstrate how to braid garlic both for storage and as an ornament in your home.

Marcy is here to show you how.

Marcy with Garlic5

Step 1: Gather 13 garlic bulbs and remove the first layer of bulb wrapper. You may also cut off the roots for a tidy effect, though we left them on. (Note: If you start to see moisture on your bulbs, do clip the roots off as this will help prevent rot)


Step 2: Place three bulbs on the table, choosing the largest bulb for the center. The stalk of the central bulb “B” should be on top.

ABC Garlic Bulbs5

Step 3: Fold stalk A over B & C, then pull underneath and back to it’s original position. You should have a knot now.

Garlic 25

Step 4: Take another large bulb and place it in the center. The new stalk should align with “B”. You now have 3 “reins”. Marcy says she learned from her sister to “always keep the reins of your horse tight”.

Garlic 35

Step 5: Bend stalk C over the two middle stems. Add fifth to the right side and align its stalk with C.

Garlic 45

Step 6: Bend stalk A over the center stalks. Place a sixth bulb on the left and align its stalk with A. Now bend C and its companion stalk over A and the sixth bulb’s stalk. You should now have three reins with 2 stalks each.

Garlic 55

Step 7: Now repeat steps 2-6 for two more sets of three. Be sure to braid as tightly as possible and secure each new bulb with the lowest strand. Remember, the lowest strand always ends up in the central position.

Garlic 65

Step 8: Take the 13th bulb and place it in the center. At this point you can add in some fresh sage or rosemary to make it more ornamental for your home. Braid your 3 strands upward and tie off with a ribbon or some raffia.

Garlic 7 12 bulbs5

Garlic Braiding5

Ta-da! Now you’ve got a beautiful garlic braid to hang in your home, and enjoy throughout the holiday season.

Garlic Bow5


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