September at the Garden Spot

We’ve had a busy month here at Garden Spot Nursery. Many of you came by to pick out new plants for your garden during our Fall Plant Sale. We imagine they’re in the ground now, settling their roots and getting established long before next summer’s spate of dry heat. With moderate temperatures and abundant precipitation…fall is the time to plant.


We had some great classes on the weekends. Including last week’s trees and shrubs for autumn-winter color class with Jim Locke of Van Klaveren’s nursery. Jim had all kinds of suggestions for hardy plants that add interest to the landscape, such as Red Bud Hazel (Disanthus cercidifolius), Rhododendron ‘Rock Rose’ (Rhododendron racemosum ‘Rock Rose’) and Winterberry (Ilex verticillata).

Along with new shrubs for our gardens, we learned how to can from Susy Hymas earlier in the month, made English Hypertufa containers with Kim and got the low-down on composting with worms from Elsie Konzelman of Nature’s Footprint.


And the learning didn’t stop there. On our new Garden Spot Blog, customer Bonnie Dunbar shared a new technique for ripening tomatoes with us. Marcy showed everyone how she makes her beautiful garlic braids. And the Garden Spot staff shared their best tips for dividing irises. We also talked about some of our favorite plant picks for fall/winter containers.


Here’s a little of the conversation happening on our Twitter page in September:

From @gagasgarden: @GardenSpotBham I am looking forward to Fall too. It was really hot last week then 43 Sat. night just like that! 🙂

From @GardenSpotBham: We’re really getting into autumn containers around here #gardenchat

From @PattiRowlson: @GardenSpotBham My favorite thing about gardening with succulents is I can go 4 a week vacation in the summer & they don’t die. 🙂

From @BG_Garden: @GardenSpotBham Im loving the instagram shares of this #igcs in Washington  #gardenchat #igcshow

Yes that’s right! We also joined Instagram in September! Click here to follow us for plenty of nerdy plant goodness.


On our Facebook page, we were overwhelmed by all of the stunning garden photos you shared with us throughout the month of September. It was truly inspirational to see some of our customer’s beautiful gardens. With that in mind, we’ll be continuing our Facebook “Photo of the Week” contest through October, and we hope you’ll keep posting!

Sept FB Collage

(Clockwise from upper left: Rosa Solomon’s ‘living roof’, Margaret Brown’s garden visitor, Michelle Nagy’s sedums & Pamela Bain’s black-eyed susans)

We’re looking forward to a festive October at Garden Spot Nursery. Right now our Compost Sale is going on. And this Saturday the Master Gardener’s will be here from 11am to 1pm to talk gardening. Marcy is making some of her famous apple cake, and we hope you’ll drop by.

Later this month, we have a class on Spiritual Gardening with Antoni Stevens, Putting the Garden to Bed for the Winter with Debra Olberg and Marcy will be leading a ‘Make and Take’ class on Lasagna Bulb Pots. There’s so much happening this October at the Garden Spot!


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