Fall Decor and our Facebook ‘Photo of the Week’

Greetings Garden Friends!

Well it’s been quite a week weather-wise hasn’t it? Fall is here, that is no doubt. We are battening down the hatches, the walls have gone up on our greenhouse and we’ve been busy creating fall decor like this.

photo (2)

And this.


Rain and wind aside, our gardens are still growing (and happy for the moisture). Your pictures on Facebook this week certainly prove that. Seems like every week it gets more difficult to pick. Our winner this week is Kim Campbell Radder.

Kim Campbell Radder

What a breathtaking photo. Kim, how did you do it? Hummingbirds are fastWe were enchanted by the brilliant red of the salvia against the jewel-tones of the hummingbird’s feathers. Congratulations Kim. You can pick up your planter during our business hours this week. (We’re open 9am-6pm all week long)

Thank you to everyone who participated! We are surely enjoying your photos and so are our Facebook followers. Keep sending them in, there will be another contest next week!

Want to win a gift planter from the Garden Spot? To enter our Facebook ‘Photo of the Week’ contest, all you need to do is post photos of your garden, garden critters or garden projects on our Facebook page.

Happy Friday folks!


2 thoughts on “Fall Decor and our Facebook ‘Photo of the Week’

  1. Wow. Thank you! How do I do it? Capture a hummer? Yes, they are VERY fast. I shoot a lot of frames, hoping one will turn out unblurred. Sometimes I’m very lucky, as in this case with a female Rufous. I love sharing my photos. Being a winner is icing on my cake.

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