Marcy’s Apple Cake Recipe and Columnar Apple Trees

Over the years a lot of you have asked about Marcy’s apple cake that she often bakes for classes and events here at the Garden Spot. Adapted from a Fort Lewis cookbook, this recipe is simple to follow and easy as pie! Or easy as apple cake in this case. Click here for a printable version of her recipe.

green urban apples

This year we brought in some columnar apple trees and were impressed by how large the apples were for such relatively small trees. Intrigued, Marcy took some home to do a taste test one evening, and has reported back that they are really delicious with crisp, firm flesh and a delicate flavor.

Here’s a few more pictures of these amazing trees taken out at our grower’s farm by Jennifer Martin-Atkins (Fisher Farms).

urban apples at farm

tasty red apples

urban apple tree

We have two types right now. The ‘Tasty Red’ Urban apple and ‘Blushing Delight’ Urban apple. Both of these trees reach an average height of eight to ten feet. Their spread is only two feet. Perfect for all of you container gardeners out there.

(All photos taken by Jennifer Martin-Atkins. Our thanks to Jennifer for the lovely photos)


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