Garden Spots: Deb and Kay’s ‘Country Cottage’ Containers

By: Debra Olberg
A lot of flowers equals constant deadheading (removing old blooms), generous amounts of water and weekly feeding. This ‘country cottage’ container garden is nestled amongst a mature landscape which consists of three brick patios of various sizes furnished with places to sit, water features and containers filled with the flowers of summer. The garden has a collection of large trees casting a wide blanket of shade.
In the shady spaces you will find several kinds of begonias, coleus, heliotrope, impatiens, fuchsias, shade loving vines and grasses.  The sunlight does peek through in a few places allowing for experimentation with some sun lovers as well. Here you will find canna lilies, rudbeckia, dahlias, geraniums, petunia, lobelia, New Zealand flax, salvia, bacopa, million bells and more.
 Hello, my name is Debra and I am employed at the Garden Spot Nursery. I am in charge of designing, planting and maintaining this magical collection of flowers. This garden belongs to a lady named Kay, and every summer she lets me play in her yard. Over the years I have experimented with many kinds of flowers and plants determining what will do the best.
Not only am I challenged with varying degrees of shade from filtered to heavy I also have to battle with deer and slugs. I have found deer visit a few times early then reappear late season. I attempt to plant what I have found they like the least and bury what they do like among them or beyond their reach.
potting bench close up
Each spring and summer we are all at the mercy of the weather and what did well one season might flop the next, doesn’t mean I won’t try it again! I take photos and keep notes and start to plan for next year before the last begonia drops its last flower of the summer.
Next Saturday, October 26th Debra will be teaching a class on putting the garden to bed for the winter. Pick up great tips for overwintering begonias and dahlias, as well as pruning and other important autumn tasks. Read more here

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