Daniel’s Amazing Pumpkins

Daniels Pumpkins

In honor of Halloween and all things pumpkin, we have a special post for you today.

This is Daniel. A young gentleman who, at the age of thirteen, is a champion pumpkin grower. Recently, Daniel’s pumpkins placed first and second at the annual pumpkin contest held at Laurel Farm and Garden. They weighed in at 480 and 420 pounds, respectively.

Daniel, who learned how to garden from his grandpa, has been growing ever since he can remember. He, “just loves gardening”. He grows pumpkins, gourds and all kinds of squash.

Daniel’s Top Tips for Prodigious Pumpkins:

Some people have closely guarded pumpking growing secrets, but to Daniel, it is very simple. You need, “good seed, good soil and good compost,” he says.

He acquired his prize-winning seed from the pumpkin growers at his church. As for compost, Daniel and his grandpa have a home compost bin where they toss banana peels, apples and all sorts of good soil building material.

A couple other helpful hints Daniel had for first time growers were “One Pumpkin per Plant and One Pumpkin per Hill“.

Also he suggests cutting the tips of the vines off. “This,” he told us, “basically channels the plant’s energy into growing pumpkins rather than producing vines.”

Lastly, he says, “Have fun. Growing pumpkins is a really fun hobby that doesn’t take a lot of work.”

Thanks for the tips Daniel! And best of luck to you with next years pumpkins!


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