Thanksgiving Centerpieces and the ‘Photo of the Week’

Happy Friday Folks!

If you’re like most of us, you’re likely anticipating our annual holiday of thanks, and maybe getting a little excited for turkey and stuffing and all that good stuff.

For those of you hosting this year, Marcy has some great tips on arranging a lovely holiday centerpiece:


The first thing you do is walk out in your garden with a basket and clippers. Pick anything that has deep red, bronzy foliage. Anything you like. Just prune all the interesting things that would hold up in water for a week or so.

Find a lovely bowl. Go through your wedding gifts. Then get some oasis or floral foam, and our some water in and let it soak in for about thirty minutes.

Starting with a few evergreen branches, stick them about one inch into the oasis, just above the line of the bowl. Have a cup of tea. Then make a bouquet on top, starting with the strong foliage. Rose hips are wonderful. Then use the finer foliage as a filler. 

Finally go to your local produce department. Get some apples, some lemons or an interesting vegetable. Stick them onto firm branches like a hot dog. Be sure that the fruit is proportional and blends visually with your foliage. Pears are always beautiful. Maybe add a few cones. Do keep the height fairly low, that way it won’t have to be moved once the meal starts. 



For more Thanksgiving inspiration. Check out our Pinterest Board. This week we had some lovely pictures submitted to our Photo of the Week contest on Facebook.

This week’s winner is Lynne Shelton! What a beautiful scene. Do you often have deer in your yard?

Lynne Shelton

Lynne, you’ve won one of our holiday centerpieces. You can claim your prize anytime during open hours at our store!

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos. Want to win next week? Just post your favorite garden pictures to our Facebook page.You’ll automatically be entered into our photo of the week contest. It’s that simple!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Centerpieces and the ‘Photo of the Week’

  1. Thank you so much! Yes, we have well fed deer that have a big appetite for roses. I have given up on roses now, I just enjoy these lovely creatures as they stroll through, nibbling as they go.

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