December Garden Tasks


Hello Folks!

It’s the Garden Spot Crew here. Here with a short list of garden tasks to keep your garden, happy and healthy this December.

1 -Got any spring bulbs around? Get those bulbs in the ground! Pronto! Click here for some tips on design from Deb.

2 -Rake up any stray leaves from late-dropping trees, add to your compost pile along with weeds and other plant bits

3 -It’s a great time to prune cherry trees and other stone fruit trees

4 –Plant for winter color, work some pansies and hellebores into your containers, dig up plants that are past their prime.

5 -‘Tis the Season for Dormant Spraying– this helps with over-wintering bugs on deciduous trees and shrubs. Best to apply 3 times over the winter.

6 -Winter Plant Protection– This is a big one.Think of tender plants like daphne or rosemary, give them a blanket.

7 –Watering…make sure your big evergreens and plants under the eaves of the house have enough water, too cold and too dry is often a fatal combination.

8 -Take Cuttings – of evergreens and hardwoods, dip them in rooting hormone and place them in a bright, well-lit area

9 –Review the year, while you’re sitting by the fire think about what worked, and what didn’t. Take notes for next year.

10 –Seed catalogs! December is the time when they start to arrive, time to peruse and dream of next year.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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