January Garden Tasks

The frozen bud of rose The wind might be blustering and the winds howling, but with a little TLC in January…you can look forward to a beautiful spring in the garden.

#1- January is a great time to prune deciduous trees and shrubs. One exception is…spring flowering shrubs. Don’t nip them in the bud! 😉

#2- Repair and prep your garden tools for the new year. Need to get your pruners in shape? Sign up for our class on Sat. the 10th at 2 pm. Read more here.

#3- In late January you can start planting bare root fruit trees, strawberries, raspberries and other cane fruits. Not to mention rhubarb crowns. Grow a pie garden!

#4 – If any of your plants are shivering, make sure to give them protection with some harvest protection cloth or burlap or whatever you have at hand.

#5 – Plan! Get inspired! Look through magazines, drop by the Garden Spot and visit the NWFGS on Feb. 12th with us. Winter is the perfect time to re-design your garden.

For further innovation on winter garden tasks, join our Moon Phase Gardening II class on Sat. the 10th at 10 am with Tony B as he explores the relationship between the phases of the moon and your gardening routine. (See link above to read more.)

(updated 12/27/14)


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