Top 5 Seed Picks: Renee’s Garden Veggies

Our first shipment of seeds for the spring has arrived!

With the greenhouse full of primroses and Renee’s Garden seeds on the shelf, we’re already planning for this year’s vegetable garden.

Here are a few of the seeds that we’re most excited to try this year:

seeds4Heirloom Chinese Cucumber ‘Suyo Long’

A prolific heirloom cucumber that produces long, ribbed dark green cukes with a delicate flavor.

French Bush Bean ‘Roc D’Or’

These beans have a succulent buttery flavor that is unmatched in any other yellow bean. The compact plants are sturdy and disease-resistant.

Russian Kale ‘Wild Garden Frills’

Such a pretty addition to any vegetable garden, we hear that this particular variety of kale seeds2has a pleasant mild flavor and is surprisingly tolerant of bad weather despite it’s ‘frilly’ appearance.

German Leeks ‘Striesen’

Leeks, the national emblem of Wales, have been ignored too long in American cuisine. Flavorful and versatile, you’ll be so happy you planted some in your garden. This German heirloom boasts hearty stalks with a fine flavor.

Cutting Lettuce ‘Flashy Trout Back’ 

seeds3New for 2014 from Renee’s Seeds, this lettuce is an Austrian heirloom known since the 18th century as ‘Forellenschuss’ or (‘trout speckles’). And it is a real scene-stealer. Pretty verdant, green leaves speckled with splashes of red, make it a great choice for your child’s first garden.


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