D.I.Y. Design: Kalanchoe and friends

Today marks the start of our D.I.Y. Design series. Three plants chosen by one of our Garden Spot designers that will complement each other in the garden or in a container. A lot of design is about creating areas of interest. We make it simple, with a collection of plants that lend a diversity of color and texture to your space.

Our first Design Pick is by Nancy. She’s chosen three houseplants that will look smashing planted together, or grouped in separate containers.


Her first pick is kalanchoe. An under appreciated workhorse in the home greenscape. Nancy loves that they bloom intensely for a long period, and since they’re inexpensive, they’re easy to replace once they’ve petered out a bit.


Her second pick is a variegated ivy. The key to growing ivy indoors Nancy says, is to give it a good shower once a month to keep the leaves free of dust. This will prevent spider mites. Also, keep them well fed with a quality fertilizer such as Daniel’s Plant Food.


Her last pick is a Pteris fern from the polypodiaceae family. They are easy care ferns and you don’t have to worry about them drying up as much!

plantcombo3 plantcombo2 plantcombo

One note on watering… Kalanchoe generally take less water than ivy and Pteris ferns. With that in mind, if you do want them in one container, you can keep them in their separate pots and cluster them in a larger container with moss on top, as in the picture above. Or you can plant them together and think of this combo as a ‘living bouquet’ and just enjoy them as long as they last!


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