Garden Spots : Ed’s New Garden

Art1 Ed1

water lettuce

This month in ‘Garden Spots’, we’re sharing a few pictures from our friend Ed’s garden. He was kind enough to invite our crew over last summer to take a look at his new planting, just a year old. We were astounded by how established it felt, even after a year. Ed put a lot of thought into design and implementation, and as you can see from these pictures, it really shows!


Ed’s garden is calm and peaceful place for him and his family to relax, including man’s best friend.


fish2 fish3

Besides being an avid gardener, Ed cares for these lovely koi fish, even traveling as far as Japan to find the healthiest and most colorful fish for his little pond. Ed showed us the chart of their bloodlines, and these fish have a pedigree, even the queen would envy!



Art abounds throughout the garden, we were enchanted by the unique pottery he’d collected as well as pieces like this bell.


Goodbye Ed! Thanks for letting us view your beautiful new garden.


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