Top 5 Seed Picks: Botanical Interests

This year we’re carrying a new seed line out of Broomfield, Colorado called ‘Botanical Interests’. They are known for their high quality seeds, as well as their informative seed packets. (Read more about them here.) After browsing the rack a little, these are our top 5 picks for this growing season, though it was hard to keep it just to 5!

BI 1Daikon Radish ‘Miyashige White’

This mildly-flavored variety of radish is a wonderful addition to soups, stir fries or salads. We especially excited to try them pickled!

Tomato ‘Green Zebra’

These small salad tomatoes have a delicious, sweet flavor that pairs well with mozzarella and basil in the summertime. Pretty crack-resistant fruit that turns yellowish-green with a bit of a blush when ripe.

Carrot ‘Carnival Blend’BI 2

We can’t wait to try these. We’re sure this combo will really liven up our salads. A great pick for families with kids.

Bush Bean ‘Tiger’s Eye’

This versatile beauty can be harvested as a snap bean, a shell bean or dry. When dry, it produces gorgeous golden-maroon beans. Rawrrr!

BI 3Broom Corn ‘Amish Rainbow Blend’

We’re intrigued by this particular packet of seeds, and we hope if any of you grow them that you’ll take pictures! Rather than growing ears and tassels, this plant is topped by brightly-colored seeds. You can use them in your fall decor or if you grow enough, make your own broom!


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