NWFGS Sneak Peek!

Today our crew drove down to Seattle for a sneak peek at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show gardens. And boy oh boy was it worth the trip! The gardens were just spectacular this year. Now we wouldn’t want to post too many spoilers. But here’s a little peek at the innovative, artful and amazing gardens we saw today.

IMG_4717 IMG_4733

IMG_4712 IMG_4758


A ‘mother/daughter’ garden by Sue Goetz and Courtney Goetz with a garden ‘retreat’ to please both generations, fully equipped for a zombie attack no less.




A joyous ode to ‘upcycling’ from the lovely Vanca Lumsden and Judith Jones. Plant geeks take a close look at this garden, there are plants here esp. ferns that you won’t find anywhere else.

IMG_4885 IMG_4888 IMG_4909

As always, the small gardens in the Sky Bridge were every bit as exciting as the larger gardens.




We especially appreciated this teeny tiny Seahawks garden by garden author Janit Calvo. So pretty!

We’re headed down to the show again this Thursday on our party bus. What fun! If you want to join us, there a just a few seats left. Call us tomorrow between 9 am and 5 pm to reserve your spot: 360-676-5480

Hope to see you all there!


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