5 Reasons You Should Grow a Camellia


If you’ve never grown a camellia before, here are five reasons from our staff that you should consider planting one in your yard this spring. Pictured here with the Camellia ‘Rosehill Red’, our own Tony B.

#1 – “They’ll give you early season spring blooms” says Carol.

#2 – “They’re an excellent evergreen addition to your landscape” says our newest staff member Tracy.

#3 – “They’re easy to grow if you keep them out of the NE winds, and hot afternoon sunlight,Deb adds.

#4 – “They look wonderful planted amongst conifers, especially in Japanese-style gardens,” Tony points out.

#5 – “Camellia blossoms are so bright and cheery, a great contrast to our rainy springs in the NW,” Erin says.

Have we convinced you yet? If you’re ready to take the leap this year, call us anytime with your camellia queries or quandaries. We are here to support you!


One thought on “5 Reasons You Should Grow a Camellia

  1. Do these really grow to 8′ ? We are looking for a plant that will reach 8′ but searching for pictures I have yet to see many that are more than a bush even though all descriptions say they grow upright to 8′

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