For the Love of Lilacs

By Audra Howerton

This sweet-smelling native of Greece has captured the hearts of garden growers for centuries! Other than being a deciduous, deer resistant plant, Syringa vulgaris (Lilac) also attracts beneficial ‘garden buddies’ like butterflies and hummingbirds. And once established, lilac is an easygoing grower with low watering needs even throughout the growing season. Known for its fragrant, vibrant blossoms, this plant creates beautiful bouquets for any table setting, gift or occasion.

Here at the Garden Spot this spring, we’re carrying some stunning varieties from Monrovia! Come take a look at these lovelies!

Angel White Lilac

Like its name praises, this lilac blooms pure white flowers as if from the heavens!

Angel White

The “Stats” 

  • Partial to Full Sun
  • Blooms mid-May
  • Fast growing
  • Upright and open-branched
  • Reaches 12 ft. high by 10 ft. wide
  • Ideal for borders, wind breaking, woodland gardens


Ludwig Spaeth Lilac

This lilac is royalty with deep purple, single blossoms that last late into the season!

Ludwig Spaeth

The “Stats” 

  • Full sun
  • Late blooms that last the entire season (need specific timeline)
  • Medium sized shrub— 6-10 ft. high and 6-8 ft. wide
  • Ideal for borders



Sensation Lilac

A giant in the lilac world, this variety blooms two-toned flowers in mauve and white!

Monrovia Patent #1242

The “Stats” 

  • Full Sun
  • Blooms in mid-May
  • Grows 10 ft. high to 6 ft. wide with large branches and lush foliage
  • Ideal for borders and wind breaking


Charles Joly Lilac

This lilac is twice as nice with double-flowered blossoms in deep red wine!


The “Stats” 

  • Full Sun
  • Blooms mid-May
  • Full Sun
  • Upright and open-branched with bright green foliage
  • Medium sized shrub— 8-10 ft. high and 6 ft. wide
  • Ideal for borders, wind breaking

Special thanks to Monrovia for use of their lovely photos. We hope this gets you inspired to come browse our beautiful lilacs. And if you’re thinking of gifting a lilac to a special friend, don’t forget we gift wrap!


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