Blood, Bone and Lime: Fall Feed Your Soil!

Fall is here! It means pulling up summer annuals, cutting back perennials, sowing in cover crop seed and watching the seasonal color unfold in our deciduous trees and shrubs. Yet, even as we lay our gardens to rest for the winter ahead, preparing your soil bed now will produce long-term benefits for you and your 2015 spring season.

And no… Weeding before the ground freezes isn’t enough!

Here are some great overwintering and organic fertilizers that will boost your beds:

Gardner and Bloom Blood Meal

High in nitrogen content, Blood Meal is often used in vegetable beds for plants to grow lush, green foliage. Over time crop cycles can deplete the nitrogen levels in your soil, so it’s best to boost up now. Especially if you plan on growing garlic this fall season. And beside lowering the pH level for more acidic soil, it can deter common garden pests such as deer and rabbit.

So your garden’s a vegetarian?

Although not as effective as Blood Meal, Alfalfa Meal or Kelp Meal is the next best alternative.


Gardner and Bloom Bone Meal

Do you plan on planting bulbs now for a spring surprise later? Add Bone Meal!

Bone Meal is high in phosphorus which helps boost blooms for flowering plants, like fall crocus or roses or springtime bulbs. So when you plant your bulbs for next year, add in some Bone Meal for them to feed on. Bone Meal also compliments high nitrogen substances, like Blood Meal or compost, for a well balanced garden bed.

Be aware of your soils pH level though! Soil over 7 on the pH scale (or more alkaline soil) causes Bone Meal to be less effective. You can test your soil with a pH meter.

Espoma Garden Lime


For gardeners wanting more alkaline soil (or less acidic soil), Garden Lime provides calcium and magnesium for less acidic plants. Garden Lime is what turns hydrangeas pink!

Made of pelletized dolomite limestone, slow-release Garden Lime allows plants to absorb the soil’s current nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium at more effective rate.

As always, be sure to follow all instructions on your garden products for the best results.

For more information on putting your garden to bed, stop by our store or give us a call for free consultation from our staff!

Also, here’s a great article by the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

Happy Autumn Gardeners!


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