Twelve Days of the Gardener’s Christmas: A Holiday Wish List for 2015

Have a friend or family member that’s known for their green thumb? Looking for that perfect gift you know they’ll enjoy for seasons to come? Want to do something other than a Garden Spot Gift Certificate (although they are awesome)?

Here are our Top Twelve Christmas Gifts:

2015 Old Farmer’s Almanac:

Since 1792, The Old Farmer’s Almanac has provided weather forecasts, recipes and daily advice to organize your gardening seasons. The newest 2015 edition is now available.


Garden Gloves

After a long year in the garden, a new pair of gloves will inspire the new season ahead. From classic to kids to heavy duty, there’s a special pair designed for your gardening needs.


Bird Houses and Tweet Treats

Don’t forget the birds! Although its winter, there native residents here all year long. With our brand new line of suet bird cakes, warm up these garden friends with a brand new home.


Indoor Amaryllis and Paperwhite Bulbs

Don’t let winter gray your day. Add some indoor color with blooming paperwhites and amaryllis. These exotic beauties are fun to watch grow. Also, all paperwhite and amaryllis bulbs are 25% off from now until the end of the month!



Wind Chimes

Music of the Spheres Wind Chimes not only produce beautiful sounds but also are beautiful to hang on the porch or in the garden. These specialty wind chimes have their own different tones by size.



Known as the Christmas Rose, hellebores are evergreen perennials that bloom gorgeous flowers from now until spring. From now until the end of the month, all hellebores will be 25% off!



As a long-term gift for a forever loved one, houseplants come in many varieties. Whether you choose succulents or tropicals or a Peace Lily (as depicted above), houseplants are all year long.


Tillandsia Sand Terrariums

Commonly known as Air Plants, Tillandsias are indoor, tropical plants that require no soil. You can design a unique gift idea by placing tillandsia in colored sand, rock or marbles within a glass enclosure.


Herbal Gardener’s Rosemary Leaf Soap

Made by Brambleberry, Herbal Gardener’s Rosemary Leaf Soap is aromatic and soothing for the hardworking hands of gardeners! Tough on dirt yet soft on hands, the benefits are endless!


Soil Moisture Meter

Accurate and easy to use, moistures meters monitor your watering for effective plant care. Perfect for patio containers and indoor houseplants, moisture meters read moisture levels beneath the surface of your soil.


Metal Art from WillowSteel

Handcrafted by local metal artist WillowSteel, the various types of styles, sizes and metals are made to compliment your garden home. Check out our selection in store.


Tools: Garden Claw, Hori Hori and Trowel

A brand new set of tools is every gardeners dream. Whether to replace lost ones or those worn by use, be excited to work the soil with a traditional garden claw, Good Grips Hori Hori or a classic trowel.



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