Plant Crush Preview: Monrovia’s 2015 Plant Collection

For our upcoming class Plant Crush: Monrovia’s 2015 Plant Collection, we thought we’d give you a quick preview of what to look forward to this Saturday, March 28. We’ve put together a Top 5 list of plants that Tad Storrer will be discussing among other plant “crushes” we have this spring!

But first, a note about our guest speaker:

Tadd Storrer is a graduate of Industrial Technology from The Ohio State University, yet he says, “Growing up on a farm lead me back to what I enjoyed most, plants and people.”

As a sales representative for the esteemed nursery Monrovia, Tadd sells into the Seattle area, Olympic Peninsula and British Columbia Territories.

“I have worked for Monrovia for 30 years,” he says. “Monrovia gives people a chance to progress professionally by starting at the bottom and working through all the different phases of the nursery’s many operations and processes… from production to loading trucks to in-house sales to traveling to a particular geographic area of the country called a Sales Territory.”

And what does Tadd look forward to most this upcoming 2015 season?

“The early start [of spring] offers a great opportunity for Garden Centers to make this a banner year if weather continues as it has.”

Here are a few of our selections from Tadd’s amazing list to come, so sign up ahead of time here to join this amazing garden talk on what to look forward to from Monrovia!

Azalea ‘Fragrant Star’ NEW PLANT

Photo by Monrovia

Photo by Monrovia

A winter-blooming wonder, ‘Fragrant Star’ speaks to its name with showy, aromatic flowers shooting out of silvery-blue foliage. This upright and deciduous shrub reaches 5’ tall by 3’ wide in 10 years, making it ideal for Zen or cottage gardens.

Berberis ‘Orange Rocket’


Photo by Monrovia

An award-winning and deciduous shrub, ‘Orange Rocket’ takes off to the skies in a vibrant, upright manner. New, coral-orange foliage transitions into emerald through the summer and into fiery red leaves come autumn. Reaching 4.5’ tall by 1.5’ wide, this barberry accents contemporary hedges, woodland gardens and containers.

Hydrangea ‘Cityline Rio’ NEW PLANT

Photo by Monrovia

Photo by Monrovia

Exciting and dramatic as the city it’s named for, ‘Cityline Rio’ is an early-blooming, compact hydrangea with glossy green foliage. Its long-blooming flowers pop open green eyes with bright blue along the edges. Reaching up to 3’ tall and wide, this deciduous shrub accents woodland gardens, containers and cottage borders.

Vaccinium ‘Bountiful Blue’®

Photo by Monrovia

Photo by Monrovia

As another award-winning shrub, the semi-evergreen ‘Bountiful Blue’® self-fertilizes high yielding, early summer fruit. With bright, pink flowers in spring, this blueberry dazzles blue-tinted foliage in a compact manner making it great for containers. Try ‘Peach Sorbet’ and Jelly Bean’ blueberries too!

Flower Carpet ® Scarlet Groundcover Rose

Photo by Monrovia

Photo by Monrovia

From spring through fall, this go-to groundcover produces vibrant, scarlet-red blooms for repeat flowering. Against glossy, deep green foliage, these blooms also attract butterflies. Reaching up to 3’ tall by 3’ wide, this groundcover rose has a rapid growth rate ideal for containers, perennial borders and rock gardens.

For more information on our classes and events, visit our website here.


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