WINNER: Midsummer Photo Contest Submissions

Every season, we host a photo contest for gardeners to share their prized plants and enter a chance to win a $20 Gift Certificate to our store.

For our Midsummer Photo contest, we are happy to congratulate Sam Sacharoff!

Smokin' Sunflower - Sam Sacharoff

Smokin’ Sunflower – Sam Sacharoff

It was a tough choice with so many great photos that displayed the joys of summer gardening. Here are the other amazing submissions:

After the Rain - Cathy Gersich

After the Rain – Cathy Gersich


A Rose in June – Duncan Saunders


Cindy Klein


Nectar Coma – Sherrie Rice


Rainy Day Sun – Sarah Kellogg


Summer in My Shade Garden – Sandra Schulze

Thanks to everyone who submitted to our seasonal photo contest! And stayed tuned for our upcoming Autumn Photo Contest!


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