Gifts for Gardeners: Truly Terrific Tools

Good evening chickens! Just 9 shopping days left until Christmas, and in case you’re wondering what to gift your favorite gardener, our staff has put together a list of their favorite garden tools to give. ‘Tis the season!

Felco prunersMarcy suggests a Felco pruner.

They’re like the BMW of pruners. Best of all the parts are replaceable!

Nancy suggests an OXO garden knife.Hori Hori Knife

The OXO garden knife is my favorite hand-tool. It digs, divides, saws, cuts and measures. Come in to the Garden Spot and ask for the best “Hori Hori” It’s a good grip!

glovesGinger, otherwise known around here as ‘Mrs. Claus’ suggests lightweight gloves.

Clean or warm, whichever you need, they do their job!

Paige our resident Botany student and fiction writer suggests ‘Herbies!’

They are inexpensive, handy for cleaning house plants and herbs, and won’t take up too much room in a drawer. (Great tip for all you herbiesapartment/condo gardeners out there, aye?)

Audra, poet and sometimes editor, suggests ‘Herbies’ as well.

They’re great for stocking stuffers and useful to trim herbs and flowers and nose hairs! Plus they’re cute and tiny!

barnel scissorsKim our plant buyer and grower suggests gardening scissors.

They’re great for so many uses: trimming back perennials and shrub tipping, perfect for dead-heading containers and baskets. Made of carbide steel, they never rust and are always sharp. The red and white handles are always visible, you won’t loose them!

Erin has two suggestions, one for the gardener overwhelmed by loads of weeds.

I’m pretty opinionated about this, having weeded for a range of many, hula homany gardening clients over the years. Two of my favorite tools are the hula ho, great for small weeds jobs where you have a large amount of space. And you get a bit of an ab workout! Add to this a trusty potato fork, for dandelions, buttercups and other root-y pests…and you’ll be whistling while you work. Getting your zen weeding on is all laughter on the stairsabout having the right tools. While you’re at it, maybe grab a retractable rake too! And if you need a little inspiration grab “Laughter on the Stairs” by Beverly Nichols. This will get you excited about gardening again, and remind you why you’re weeding in the first place.

Any teenage girls on your list? I planted my first big garden at the pink prunersage of 14. Consider these pruning shears by Zenport. They’re just $8.99 each, so they start at a low price point, but are great pruners and are made for smaller hands. We often fight over these at the nursery. They won’t last forever, but if your daughter or niece loses them no one will be too put out. Now, one drawback is they are pink. A color I would have hated at that age. If you’re you grow girlconcerned, break out some spray paint and paint them her favorite color. (I suggest gold!) If you want to do a theme gift, grab her some gloves and a copy of “You Grow Girl” by Gayla Trail. She’s a great garden writer, has sound advice and makes gardening fun for old and young alike.

Brandy, busy gardener, avid baker and ‘mother hen’ suggests the ratchet pruners.Ratchet+Pruner

They’re super easy on the hands to use and last forever. Β (Great advice for folks who get sore hands)

ph testerTony the Lavender Man, suggests a soil ph tester.

It appeases curiosity over one’s soil ph, and helps to guide future planting decisions.


We hope these suggestions help you complete your holiday shopping this year. Drop by anytime, we are always happy to give you more ideas! And remember, we offer complimentary holiday wrapping.


Happy Friday- Fall is Here and so are our Pumpkins!

Lots of news at Garden Spot Nursery this week. Our pumpkins have arrived, as well as our fall bulbs. We’ll go further into this on a later post, but suffice to say that we have a re-blooming orange iris. That’s right, you read that correctly. A re-blooming orange iris. Ooh-la-la!

We’re awash in fall mums, pansies and violas. But don’t forget that we’ve still got loads of beautiful perennials, shrubs and trees just waiting to come home with you. And since our fall sale on ALL plant material runs through this Sunday. This weekend is the perfect time to drop by and get that heuchera you’ve been coveting at 25% off!

It’s been an epic year in the garden. Vegetable gardens are overflowing with home-grown produce and ornamental gardens are flush with bloom. Now’s the time to take care of some garden tasks that will help your garden thrive this winter. Have you divided your irises yet?

If not, here’s a few tips from our crew:


1– After digging up the rhizomes (we like to use a potato fork), pull them apart carefully, discarding any rotting or shriveled up rhizomes

2– As you cut them up, be sure that each chunk of rhizome has a leaf fan attached, cut these leaves to about six inches

3– Once you’ve given the cuts a few hours to heal over, re-plant the rhizome just below the soil surface spreading out the roots below

4– Don’t forget to make sure that all the leaf fans are facing the same direction towards the sun

5– Water those lovelies in and relax (No need to water again through the fall/winter, unless it becomes unseasonably dry)

We had a lot of submissions for our Facebook “Photo of the Week”, and it was so hard to pick! Here’s this week’s winner:

Krys Kirkwood

Congratulations to Krys Kirkwood. We just couldn’t resist this sassy echinacea. There are so many blooming around town this time of year, and this one is so pretty!

Hope you enjoy your new planter Krys!

Want to join in on the fun? Just post your favorite gardening pics to our Facebook page, and you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win Facebook Photo of the Week.

Thanks to everyone who participated, we sure enjoyed your photos!