Our “Photo of the Week” and 2014 Classes!

Hello garden friends!

The holidays are over, but we’ve got a full roster of classes coming up to brighten your winter!

Starting with a “Moon Phase Gardening” class with the Garden Spot’s own Tony B.

Laurel Baldwin

This week for our last “Photo of the Week” of 2013, we chose Laurel Baldwin’s stunning winter mise en scene. What a gorgeous witch hazel! And we just love your garden art. Congratulations Laurel! Drop by our nursery anytime next week to claim your prize!




Changes afoot and the “Photo of the Week”


Happy Friday Friends!

If you’d been driving by our nursery early Monday morning, you would have seen quite a sight. The whole staff was gathered round on a frosty morning to lift our geranium tent by hand, while Marcy manned the forklift.

Why are we moving our geranium tent, you might ask…

Well we are building an addition to our greenhouse. The same talented crew that remodeled our old bathroom, has returned to help us expand our indoor space. They were even undaunted by the blustery weather yesterday and are back today hard at work.

We want to say a special thanks to all the sweet ladies who came out last week for our very first Amaryllis class. We had such a good time with you and we just loved your beautiful planters!



This week’s “Photo of the Week” on Facebook was hands down Margaret Brown’s pretty picture of a bird nest in her Japanese maple tree.

Margaret Brown

Looks like the birds got creative with moss as well. Did you see what type of bird was nesting there Margaret?

You can win next week! Just post your favorite garden pictures and projects to our Facebook page, and you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win a lovely gift planter.

Heavenly Hellebores and the ‘POTW’ Winner

Happy November Garden Friends!

As autumn winds on, things continue to buzz here at the Garden Spot. We are awash in heavenly Hellebores. Over twenty varieties and counting.


Right now the stunning ‘Jacob’ is in bloom and we’re all looking forward to the upcoming Hellebore event next Saturday.

Katie Miller of Skagit Gardens, will be here on November 9th to talk about all the latest and greatest cultivars. This is a great opportunity to learn a little more about this beautiful and deer-resistant perennial.

This week we chose Lisa Citron’s pretty poppies as our ‘Photo of the Week’ on Facebook.

Lisa Citron

Congratulations Lisa! You can claim your prize at our nursery anytime next week.

Want to be a winner next time? It’s easy! Just post your favorite gardening pics to our Facebook page. One lucky winner is chosen each week to receive a gift planter from our store.

Lasagna Bulb Pots Class and our Facebook ‘Photo of the Week’



Happy Friday Friends!

Our thanks to everyone who came out for Marcy’s lasagna bulb pot class last week. It looks like a fun time was had by all. And remember, if you missed the class, we are happy to help you create your own lasagna pot anytime. Just come in and ask.

October seems to have gone by in a flash. It’s hard to believe that Halloween is just next week. As you can see, it’s been getting positively ghoulish around here. Deb and Ginger created this spooky pumpkin pole.

friday post 3

If you drop by on Halloween, you’ll get to see our ‘Bad Hair Day‘ and vote for your favorite costume. Our employees are busily planning their costumes and the competition will be fierce! We will of course have some slimy but tasty treats for kids who come in costume. We can’t tell you what they will be, it’s a secret!

There were some really great photos posted to our Facebook wall this week. After some deliberation, we went with Betsy D. Sauther’s mushroom photos.


Such gorgeous fungi! Where did you find these amazing mushrooms Betsy?

Thanks to everyone who participated, please keep posting- we are all enjoying your pictures.

You could win next week! To enter, just visit our Facebook page and post some garden pics!

Happy Haunting!

Happy Friday- Fall is Here and so are our Pumpkins!

Lots of news at Garden Spot Nursery this week. Our pumpkins have arrived, as well as our fall bulbs. We’ll go further into this on a later post, but suffice to say that we have a re-blooming orange iris. That’s right, you read that correctly. A re-blooming orange iris. Ooh-la-la!

We’re awash in fall mums, pansies and violas. But don’t forget that we’ve still got loads of beautiful perennials, shrubs and trees just waiting to come home with you. And since our fall sale on ALL plant material runs through this Sunday. This weekend is the perfect time to drop by and get that heuchera you’ve been coveting at 25% off!

It’s been an epic year in the garden. Vegetable gardens are overflowing with home-grown produce and ornamental gardens are flush with bloom. Now’s the time to take care of some garden tasks that will help your garden thrive this winter. Have you divided your irises yet?

If not, here’s a few tips from our crew:


1– After digging up the rhizomes (we like to use a potato fork), pull them apart carefully, discarding any rotting or shriveled up rhizomes

2– As you cut them up, be sure that each chunk of rhizome has a leaf fan attached, cut these leaves to about six inches

3– Once you’ve given the cuts a few hours to heal over, re-plant the rhizome just below the soil surface spreading out the roots below

4– Don’t forget to make sure that all the leaf fans are facing the same direction towards the sun

5– Water those lovelies in and relax (No need to water again through the fall/winter, unless it becomes unseasonably dry)

We had a lot of submissions for our Facebook “Photo of the Week”, and it was so hard to pick! Here’s this week’s winner:

Krys Kirkwood

Congratulations to Krys Kirkwood. We just couldn’t resist this sassy echinacea. There are so many blooming around town this time of year, and this one is so pretty!

Hope you enjoy your new planter Krys!

Want to join in on the fun? Just post your favorite gardening pics to our Facebook page, and you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win Facebook Photo of the Week.

Thanks to everyone who participated, we sure enjoyed your photos!

Back to School, Fall Planting and “Photo of the Week”

Greetings Garden Friends!

Well it’s September again, the kids are headed back to school and most of us our looking at our once bloom-filled summer gardens thinking: Hmmmm might be time for some fall pansies, or some mums, or what about that back corner by the gazebo? We never planted anything there….

Fall is a great time for planting. With relatively warm temps and plenty of precipitation to support new root systems, this time of year is ideal for adding shrubs and trees to your landscape. Give them a head start this fall, lots of winter rains and come next summer they’ll be ready to face the heat.

Fall for Autumn Color

With that in mind, you’ll be glad to hear that all of our plants are 25% off through September 22nd. That includes shrubs, trees, perennials, annuals and even houseplants. Houseplants are a thoughtful housewarming gift for new homeowners or even as a thank-you to kind friends.

We’re excited to start a new season here at the nursery. Our fall class list is out, and we’ve got classes on winter color, hypertufa, even terrariums coming up. Click here for a full list of our upcoming events.

In addition, we’ve got a new website up and running. It’s been quite a change for us, but we hope you’ll enjoy the new features we’ve added such as a staff page, and an option to purchase gift certificates online. (Of course you can do it the old-fashioned way and give us a call. We love to take phone orders!)

We’re looking forward in the coming weeks to all of our gorgeous fall bulbs coming in, including a delightful Amaryllis collection. See our Pinterest board here of all the new Amaryllis we have coming in.

And of course we are continuing our “Photo of the Week” contest on Facebook into September. Here’s just a few of the beautiful photos you posted on our page in August:

CropPhotoWeek photoshop

It’s been such a joy to see all your amazing garden projects, plants and designs. Remember, any photo that you post on our Facebook page will automatically be entered to win a gift planter, we pick a new winner every Friday! So without further ado, here’s this week’s winner.

This was our first “garden critter” entry and we were so happy to see Rosa Solomon’s chickens. Chickens are a fun addition to the “homestead”, with their interesting personalities and their predilection to eating slugs and other pesky garden pests. Thanks to Rosa and all of our customers for sharing this week.

Rosa Solomon

We can’t wait to see what you post next time! To enter, simply post your garden projects, plants, and designs on our Facebook page. One lucky gardener wins a gift planter!

Rain Showers, Roses and “Photo of the Week” on Facebook

Hello friends! Wasn’t the rain yesterday lovely? We were very happy to be inside cleaning plants, repairing tools and other indoor garden tasks. We knew our gardens were enjoying the brief rainy spell immensely. How does your garden look today?

This week our “Photo of the Week” contest continues on Facebook. And what a week it was! We had some beautiful photos and gardens posted to our Facebook page. It was very tough to pick!

Want to join the fun next week? Here’s how it works: You post photos of your garden, projects and containers to our Facebook page. Every week we will choose a winner who will receive a gift planter.

It’s that simple!

So if you didn’t post anything this week or even if you did, be sure to get your photos posted for next week’s contest. Here’s the winning photo this week:

Becky Brownlie


Becky Brownlie’s relaxing space really enchanted our staff. The gorgeous perennials, grasses and shrubs in a stunning mix of textures and colors caught our eye. And who could resist that butter-yellow rose in the foreground? We’d like to kick back in that chair one summer afternoon ourselves!

Thanks to everyone for sharing their fabulous garden pics, and keep ’em coming!

You could win next week, just post your fun gardening photos to our Facebook page