‘Winter Walks’ Maritime Heritage Park


Now that the crisp winds of winter are blowing, we thought it might be nice to share a few of our favorite ‘winter’ walks. We feel like we get our best ‘gardening inspiration’ from walks like these.




These photos of from a recent walk we did through Maritime Heritage Park downtown. There are some truly beautiful plantings there. These hardy fuchsias were still blooming profusely, even in November!





It was a bit chilly, but the sun was out and so was some local wildlife.



We were so taken with this Snowberry or Symphoricarpos albus.



We hope these posts inspire you to get outside, enjoy all the beauty of Whatcom County and maybe even get some ideas for next year’s garden!


How about you? What are you favorite winter walks? We’d love to hear your suggestions for future ‘winter walks’!


Susy Hymas: Teacher, Foodie and Master Preserver


We’re very excited to say that Susy Hymas, Master Food Preserver, will be teaching a class on the Basics of Canning this coming Saturday, September 7th.

Formerly the coordinator of Whatcom County’s Master Food Preserver program, Susy owns her own business, ‘Daylight Harvest Foods‘. She teaches classes on food preservation, locally and in surrounding counties, as well as nutritional classes at Bellingham Technical College. Susy says that she enjoys meeting people who are excited to learn and being able to share what she knows about food.


We asked Susy what got her started canning. She says in part, it’s her food culture. She grew up eating her grandmother’s canned goods, and later on, inherited her canning equipment.

I’m just a foodie who likes to preserve the harvest” Susy told us. She sees canning and preserving as a way to eat more locally. And wouldn’t we all like to do that?

If you want to join in on the fun this Saturday, call our store to register: 360-676-5480. Class fee is $5.